Monday, October 17

Day 2: We're going on a Bear Hunt

Day two of the trip we decided to visit Cade's Cove. Can check out the park's web HERE. If your planning a trip to Tennessee or the Smoky Mountains, this is a must see place to visit. It's a huge park that you can drive through. There are many places to hike and picnic. The park's drive is mainly a loop around the park that's full of history and a vast array of wildlife. 

Our first stop around the loop we headed down this long dirt path that lead us to the Oliver Cabin

 My Little Gator dude!

Was greeting everyone with a "Hey" as they came up to the cabin.

 Look Mom! Apples! Well, actually walnuts :o)

Leeland and Nana
 Leeland and Paw Paw taking the trail through the woods back to the car


  Here's the bear we saw! We could see her great, but couldn't capture the best of pictures unfortunately, so only posting this one. When we got in the car to leave the park rangers were rushing everyone out from under the trees so one of her cubs could cross the road to get to her. Apparently, she'd been up that tree all day! This bear not only climbed part of the tree, she climbed to the tip top, we were shocked they could climb that high without falling. 
Leeland loved seeing the bear, but was not happy about leaving the bear, he plopped his bottom down and threw a tantrum!

The barn!

After attemps to get a good family picture, we put Leeland down and let him run all over! He had a blast!! Was trying to chase all the deer :o)

 Say cheese mom!

So Scenic!

 Sugar kisses for Nana!
More deer seen while driving our route.

 We pulled up to this adorable, quaint little church. Inside there was a man at the front playing guitar and singing. Leeland was so cute! He walked right up to the front, sat in the pew, folded his little hands and listened. My sweet little man.

 This picture was taken just outside the church.

Leeland was a little obsessed with this gate! Just wanted to sit and play. Open the gate, shut the gate, repeat. 

 Those irresistible cheeks!

 Once made it to the car our little guy passed out! I have to say he loved every minute of this day and played wide open for hours! Gota love being a kid!
 Once we made it to the room, little man was still fast asleep...

 Hope you enjoyed seeing our day! Check back for Day 3!!