Friday, June 17


You have got to check out Rick and Rachael's awesome Jerky! R & R STAMPEDE JERKY COMPANY that is. My brother and sister in law whip up some mean batches. Check it out HERE. We decided to take the yummy goodness to Monticello's Watermelon Festival. I also have to  mention my nephew Ricky. You'll be hooked when you try his samples. He's an awesome little go getter ready to move you to the tent for a bite or two. We had a blast, but ended the night with a rain storm. Here's to sunshine tomorrow at the festival for some more selling. 

You can also check them out HERE.

Here's a few highlights

Come and get some Jerky!

Me and Rickus

 The Stampede Crew

 Me likey pink lemonade shaved ice!

That's a lot of jerky. Want a sample check them out HERE.

Uncle Rick, here's a cheezit

It got a little windy!

And a little wet!

But we made the most of it :o)

A Little Bundle from the Stork

Mrs. Holly, a faithful sister in Christ is expecting! It's a GIRL!!! Mom is helping host Holly's shower tomorrow. My beautiful sister in law Rachael helped mom create an adorable diaper cake. I decided to make a stork bundle. Stork bundle? What is that you ask? Well, it's a simple little DIY project, unique and less expensive than the diaper cake. Take a look at both. Too cute for words! Any of you have any unique creations for baby showers? Post me a comment and let me know. We've been scoping and this is how it all ended up. 


*1 box of number 1 diapers



*Trinkets to create cuteness

*Something to style the top (they used the adorable tiara)

*Rubber bands to bundle the diapers in a group and create tiers


*Small blanket to create bundle



*Items to fill the bundle. I used a teething ring, a baby doll, and receiving blankets.

*A printable stork or sign for decoration

*I used a long match stick to glue the stork to, which can be inserted in the top of the bundle. A popsicle stick or tongue depressor will work just as good.


Wednesday, June 8

~25~ Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

25 Things you probably don't know about (me) Brooke! 

1.) I am a die hard University of Florida fan, but am terrified of real Gators

2.) I'm an organizing junkie

3.)I love my son so much, but my first birthing experience was horrible. Yes, I said it. It truly was. I was on bed rest a month, delivered a month early, and was facing serious health issues, was in labor with so many drugs. I felt I was drunk with a hangover (this was to protect me from having seizures because my bp went through the roof). Then, to top it off came home with a very sick little baby that ended up having to return to the hopital's NICU for a week.  In the end it was worth it when God blessed me with my baby boy! God pulled us through the hurdles and restored us both in  health. I also have to say the staff at our local hospital and the doctors were outstanding! They took every precaution and care for the both of us and supported all our wants and needs.  

4.)I am a middle child but have played the part of the oldest, I have 3 siblings

5.)Cowgirl boots and flip flops are my main shoe style

6.)I slam doors when I'm mad

7.)I was in NJROTC and Band (I play Piano, Flute, and Piccolo)
( I had to retire my future of playing Flute and Piccolo, because it caused me to have TMJ- a form of arthritis of the jaw-not fun!)


9.)I heart Mexican Food!

10.)I used to be called "Lemon-head" because I'm obsessed with lemonade or water with lemons

11.)I am dying to become a photographer, can't wait to get my new camera! 

12.)I drive a Toyota Highlander, not to mention I have to get 4 kids in there. 3 in car seats!

 13.) I believe God hears me, takes care of me, and gets me through everything

14.)My Mom is my BEST FRIEND and sidekick

15.)I have Arachnophobia (fear of spiders) very badly! I swear those nasty little things are out to terrorize me. If their in my sight, mark my words, they will die!

16.)I'm an e-Bay addict

17.)One of my favorite places in the world is Blood Mountain Cabins in Georgia. 
(I have gone there on so many family vacations...I believe I'm rooted in the dirt)

18.) I've hiked many parts of the Appalachian Trail

19.)The diamond in my wedding ring was my Grandmother's. I love and cherish it!

20.)I love historical museums and sites

21.)I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week

22.)I am horrible at picking a place to eat I always make someone else do it! 

23.)I am obsessed with V.C. Andrew Books
I have read and seen them all!

24.)I have to eat breakfast as soon as I wake matter what time it is! Otherwise I barf!

25.)I LOVE roller coasters and theme parks!

I am sure there are many more things I could tell you but for now...that's all you get :) Look back for more in the future.

I hope you had fun learning a little bit more about me! 

On the Go Mama with a Meal Plan

If your anything like me, you have little time on your hands. Between work, schedules, kiddos, and cleaning, the hardest part of my day is coming up with meals. Often, were running out to grab a bite or eating dinner way too late because we had no planned meals. Well, today I'm going to focus on trying to change that to lighten my load during the week. I stumbled across Jolene's blog What's Cooking, Chicago? and I have to say I am loving this blog! She has not only wonderful recipes but tips to make freezer meals. I am so thankful she took the time to post these. I couldn't help but share her blog with you. So go ahead friends and preplan your meals and save some time on your hands. ENJOY!!! 

Click highlighted area to connect to her blog

Tuesday, June 7

Tiered Pie Tin Stand

I am in love with this idea...I just may have to make my own! This will add something rustic to my kitchen decor.

Kirsten at The Crafting Chicks is sharing this unique pie tin stand over at 

This is so easy-peasy. I'll post pictures of the one I create as soon as I can. Check back soon.

Tasty Delights!

  I've been searching the internet for some great recipes for up coming summer activities we've got in the works. I'd love to share and pass along what I've found. As a girl in the South and a Mama with not much time on my hands, I love quick and easy recipes that make your mouth water. So take a might just get a little hungry. Click on the highlighted areas for full recipe. 

Here's a slice of tomato heaven from Sarah's blog. It's a delightful Feta Dip.

Our Best Bites created these scrumptious Chicken Taquitos. I am so eager to whip these up for diner. 

Food 52 Baked Calamarata Pasta. Can we say yuum! Lunch anyone?

I am in love and ready to try Jana Laurene's Grilled Cheese, with a twist that is. 

So there you have what I'm whipping up. Mmmm, tummy is starting to rumble :o)

Just a thought...