Monday, August 15

Day 1: Weight Loss Challenge

FINALLY, I have time to exercise! Here's some motivation from pinterest. Here's to losing the pounds!

Little man and I trucked our way around the neighborhood about two miles or so. Remarkably it was only sixty six degrees out, I'd say that's a record in the last few weeks. The air seemed so cool this morning, lately I've felt nothing but heat. There was a cool breeze, almost if god was saying it's ok, soak it in. Well my tush and legs got a good workout. Pushing a fifteen pound double stroller with a twenty three pound little person can wake up anyone's muscles in the morning. It felt so good to sweat again. To releave all anxiety and stress and just praise God for a beautiful cool day. One step closer to getting the pounds down. 

Tired out little dude after our walk

Key Necessities for a toddler: Water and stick! Keeps everyone happy :o)

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