Tuesday, August 16

Day 2 Sweat, Sweat, Sweat

Here's an excellent food control list from Web MD:

 I finally got a good nights rest last night so I was eager to grab the stroller, little man, my thirst quencher,  and hit the pavement. I have to say doing those 3 miles was a killer this morning. Hot, Hot, Hot. I'm dreading day three, because the third day always seems the worst. You know when you feel that burn in your tush and a little ache in you legs? Yeah that's gonna be me tomorrow. Going to be doing a lot of stretching. Here's to healthier me...Any of you ever feel like this when starting a new work out routine? 

Here's some more motivation:



Erin Holton said...

They recently replaced the food pyramid that we group up using with something called My Plate. If you go to Myplate.gov it will calculate for you a personalized meal plan based on your current weight and goal. I had to learn about it in my education class, it seems helpful.

Erin Holton said...

*grew up

Brooke said...

Great! Thanks Sis!