Thursday, July 7

Organizing The Frig

Lets take a look inside of the fridge today.  Organizing and labeling are good places to start to maximize your space in your refrigerator. By doing this it can actually save you money by creating less waste and maintain some from of order. Maintaining good order can still take a bit of your time periodically, but following basic routines can help. Join me and lets get organized.

Let's Take a look at some before pictures...

 Sorry didn't have a before of freezer

Let's begin with the organization:

  • Remove all the items from the fridge and wipe down shelves. I LOVE Seventh Generation's Multipurpose Cleaner. 
  • Remove and wash any trays drawers or bins.  
  • Throw away all expired food or items that will not be consumed before they are expired.  
  • Group and sort items such as breads, fruits/veggies, yogurts, meats, condiments, etc. Using Bins, glass containers, or baskets are great ways to organize similar food items together and make it much easier to find what you are looking for.  I picked up a few bins at our local Walmart and Dollar General. Our awesome glass storage (by Frigoverre) we scored from Home Goods for just a few bucks. These little containers keep all our leftovers and goods fresh, not to mention glass is so easy to clean.
  •  While putting groceries away in the fridge, bring items already in the fridge to the front and put the new items in the back. 
  • Remember to keep your milk on a low shelf, not in the door. This will help it to last longer. 
  • Group similar items together. Keep drinks together. Keep vegetables in the crisper. Keep cheeses and lunch meat together - a drawer is ideal or use bins. 
  • Put smaller containers in the front - such as cream cheese, yogurt, margarine, etc. Condiment bottles work great in the door shelves - such as salad dressing, ketchup, mustard, etc. 
  • Store items as much as possible in see through containers to make things easier to find.  
  • I chose bins to organize in my freezer. Notice all the yummy veggies from our home grown garden?

Nice and Clean

There you have it friends. Hope your enjoying your day and motivated to organize! :o)

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