Monday, July 25

Ice cream and Puddles

We took a ride to the 219 Farmer's Market in Jemison to eat some yummy diner food and ice cream. Little man had been feeling cruddy all day so what better way to cheer him up.

This post is entirely about ice cream and puddles...

and Leeland of course.

Little man had to have his milk

A cute quick photo with Dad. 

Still looking a little frumpy with the cold he's coming down with.

We ordered little man a grilled chesse. Notice all the ketchup? Let me tell you, he loves to dip food into anything. Literally, ketchup, gravy, ranch, ect.. I think I have a true southern boy on my hands. 


Oh nothing better than having it drip down the sides of your mouth and savor it. I feared this was gonna get messy...

Then we moved onto dessert. And of course, little man had to have strawberry flavored ice cream. I am convinced he'll start turning into a stawberry before too long. 

So at this point, were getting it everywhere...literally. I heard this cute little voice reply "ugh oh, uggggh oooh." 

Nothing like a shirt full of food to leave with, not to mention those ice cream smothered lips. 

It was a rainy time to head home for a nap and some puddle play.

Puddle Play!


Aren't these Sesame Street rain boots just the cutest!!

Took a stroll to our back pasture to visit our horses

and chase the cat...

and ended his play in more water.

Here's to playing in more puddles and eating ice cream, thats another two checks off our list of things to do this summer. 

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Samantha said...

Awwww he is just so cute!!! I love that with each pic his pristine white t shirt becomes more and more...urm...interesting? lol xx