Tuesday, June 7

Tasty Delights!

  I've been searching the internet for some great recipes for up coming summer activities we've got in the works. I'd love to share and pass along what I've found. As a girl in the South and a Mama with not much time on my hands, I love quick and easy recipes that make your mouth water. So take a look...you might just get a little hungry. Click on the highlighted areas for full recipe. 

Here's a slice of tomato heaven from Sarah's blog. It's a delightful Feta Dip.

Our Best Bites created these scrumptious Chicken Taquitos. I am so eager to whip these up for diner. 

Food 52 Baked Calamarata Pasta. Can we say yuum! Lunch anyone?

I am in love and ready to try Jana Laurene's Grilled Cheese, with a twist that is. 

So there you have what I'm whipping up. Mmmm, tummy is starting to rumble :o)

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