Wednesday, June 8

On the Go Mama with a Meal Plan

If your anything like me, you have little time on your hands. Between work, schedules, kiddos, and cleaning, the hardest part of my day is coming up with meals. Often, were running out to grab a bite or eating dinner way too late because we had no planned meals. Well, today I'm going to focus on trying to change that to lighten my load during the week. I stumbled across Jolene's blog What's Cooking, Chicago? and I have to say I am loving this blog! She has not only wonderful recipes but tips to make freezer meals. I am so thankful she took the time to post these. I couldn't help but share her blog with you. So go ahead friends and preplan your meals and save some time on your hands. ENJOY!!! 

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Joelen said...

Thanks for checking out my site & sharing it with others! Hope you enjoy the recipes as much as we do! :)