Monday, May 9

Water Play!

Mother's Day Weekend - Take 2. Leeland Loves to play in the water. No really,  He luv, luv, luvs, the tub, the pool, the sprinklers, you name it, the boy is game. I'm a little concerned he may turn into a tadpole before too long. I decided to drag out the little pool, water table, and of course some trucks. I told Michael we really need to invest in a nice tarp to place under the little pool, because stinker man loves to go barefoot. I guess he gets that from me :o) 

Wanted some Mr. Sun! Absorb that Vitamin D boy :o)

Yes, after leaving the hospital in January 2010 at 4lbs. 11oz, were doing good rockin the pop belly

Fun in the sun!

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Erin Holton said...

these pictures crack me up! can't wait to see him!