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Our DIY Wedding

Come take a look at our wedding day!

Let me give you a little bit of the basics. We got married on 10/11/08. We were married outdoors with a wonderful victorian style home called TurnBrooke Manor in Columbiana, AL. We were surrounded by country flair. The landscape was breathtaking and the day was sunny. Our wedding was full of DIY projects I came up with to save on cost. From decor to invitations. I don't want to forget to mention my parents cooked for the WHOLE wedding and Michael's mom made our cakes! Saving on cost was our goal. The wedding was a success :o)

Lets start with some of the projects I tackled with pricing (average) and materials need to recreate. Enjoy!



*Vellum boxes
Scored on eBay for 200 @ $10 

*cheap chiffon ribbon 
4 rolls from Hobby Lobby just over $4 

*printed labels
ordered made from the Internet $12

* Hershey kisses
5lb bag seen here 

*shredded paper
had the paper, FREE

Total= $50

Notice the small wallet size pictures, those were compliments from our Aunt Bette


 I took on this project of making a personal touch to our wedding by adding our monogram (T) to the cake. I purchased the mirrored topper from eBay. To save me some cost, I purchased and glued the stones myself. 


*Mirrored Monogram $17

*Stones and glue $25

Total= $42

This was an awesome price, because some monograms decorated with colored stones can run you at least $60-100+


The Frame above was used for all our friends and family to leave us a little personal message.
I purchased the frame from Hobby Lobby for $6 because it was on clearance!
We also had a special Guest Book I created at Shutterfly


We decided to have a Unity Sand Ceremony.  All our friends and family loved it, because it was unique :o)

Unity Sand Ceremony Meaning

Please Follow link here

We felt to make the ceremony more special we wanted our mom's to be part of the ceremony also. The pouring of sand is a symbol of joining lives together. Since our mother's gave of life, we felt this was appropriate. The yellow roses were also given to both Mom's as a "thank you," and I wanted to in cooperate the yellow roses somewhere into our wedding, because they were in my Mother's wedding.  

The fame had 4 panes of glass, we removed one. Therefore, there was a pane for the picture and two separate inserts for the colored sand. I purchased it at World Market similar to these

"Please share with a friend and toss as the new "Mr. & Mrs." leave the ceremony."

With us having an outdoor wedding, the possibility of having a petal toss had always been in the back of my mind as a beautiful addition.

I buckled down determine at least 50 petal toss cones. I refused to pay big $$$ for them.


*10" pack of doilies from Michael's. These were $1.99 a pack for 10. 

*Leftover scrapbook paper FREE



*Spray paint (colored the doilies)

*Glue (rubber cement) to shape the scrapbook paper into cones and wrap doilies

Total= $25



* Fabric

*Fabric paint

* Ribbons (I used leftover ribbons from the petal toss cones)

* Wooden rod 

*Some stitching skills



* Rice paper parasol 

* Acrylic Paint

I painted the "B" by hand :o)

Photos were taken by our awesome photographer  Scott McLeod 

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