Saturday, May 21

For the Love of Pinterest!

Oh I have got something to share friends! I came across this awesome site called Pinterest. If you want to be so inspired to create, get ideas, kill some time, or just destress, this is an awesome site, one of those little happy place in your heart sites. This is were I draw a lot of the ideas to put in our home or use to decorate. Simply, every picture can be “pinned” (added to your board) with a note. Why is this so awesome you say? You can make yourself those little quick mental notes of what you want to remember about those pictures with out having to jot it down somewhere  and lose it later. Also, the best part is you can categorize all those pictures and ideas for total organization. Doesn't that make your little heart skip a beat? Example, "I love that wall color, great for bedroom," or "I am so making one of those." You name it friends, anything from places to go, recipes, DIY projects, ect... can be found on this site.  Talk about awwwesome! When you sign up you wait a few days for your verification email to pop into that delightful little place we call the inbox. I was so excited to get mine I went to pinning right away. Things I've been pinning lately are ideas for Hubby's 30th birthday, and loads of ideas for our home. Thanks Pinterest for such a slice of happiness! Anyone can use this site, it's just a happy click away. 

***Please note I was not paid or perk’d for this post. I am just a girl that's obsessed with inspiration and eye candy that makes my mouth water. ***

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