Saturday, April 23

Mmmm. Mmmm. Good!

Strawberry pickin!

After little man got his much needed nap after the train ride, we decided to end the day with strawberry pickin. We paid $8 a gallon at a local farm. We ended up with a little taste of heaven. A sweet, succulent goodness created by God to make us a little happy on this earth :o) Leeland and Mommies favorite fruit! A boy from my own heart.

On our way...

Helping Daddy pick strawberries

Good Stuff!

See Ma! I like it :o)

These two pictures are literally not even a minute apart. Needless to say, he was not a happy camper when we took his strawberries away to make the ride home a little less sticky in his Paw Paw's truck. Poor Lee Lee.

Pulling up at home...we'll clap for that :o)

Time to wash off in the pool! 

What a way to end an awesome day. Thank you Lord for our blessings today.

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Erin Holton said...

i love alllll these pictures! He's so stinkin cute! I miss my baby!!