Monday, April 18

Meet The Thomas Family

Hello There!
My name is Brooke Thomas. I am the wife of Michael- A true southern boy, and Mother to one bundle of joy, Leeland! We are country life people who enjoy good friends, southern cooking, and family togetherness. I am a full-time Caregiver to 3 young ladies. Did I forget to mention we also run a full-time farm! My life is a cupcake of fun :o)

I am new to the blogging world, so hold tight I'm sure it's going to be a fun ride. I love decor, photography, entertaining, and DIY-ing. Michael (Love of my Life) is a home grown Alabamian who can rope cattle, drives a BIG ole pickup truck, can grow just about anything under the sun, and can't gain enough power tools to create his projects. We were married in 2008. And so LIFE begins. 2010 welcomed our little man Leeland, known as "Lee-Lee," or Michael Jr. 

We hope you can enjoy all we can share, even if we're a little rustic around the edges. So come along as we share projects, raising Leeland, and life with friends and family. 

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